Forgotten memories from this life and past lives are the autobiography of the eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are and the impact of your past lives on the life you live today.  Your journey with me, in my Newcastle practice, will enable you to access those memories in order to experience deep healing, greater understanding and a release from deep seated problems caused by long established cell memory.

Do you suffer from:

Unexplained Physical Complaints?

Fears or Phobias?

Relationship Issues?

Recurring Nightmares?

Inexplicable Attraction or Aversion to someone?

Are you just curious about who you have been before?

How Can Regression Help?

Modern science teaches us that the cells contain DNA which is the 'blueprint' for the complete design of the physical body, but they also hold the 'blueprint' for our mental, emotional and spiritual states as well.  Everything of who you are and what you have experienced physically, mentally and emotionally from all of your past lives, and all of this life, is held as a memory in the cells of the body (hence the term 'cellular memory').  When we go through an experience which is overwhelmingly traumatic the body can suppress the feelings and emotions by storing the memory in the cells.  Very often some time later the body then releases the trauma from the cells which can then be experienced as crying, shaking or trembling.


Sometimes, however, the trauma is so great that these cell memories are never released but are carried within the body from that time onward and not only in that life but also into subsequent lives as well.  This cell memory can then be triggered by events at some future time which can then cause the original trauma to manifest in some way and the body will experience this on a physical level.  We are able to access these long buried cell memories during regression, and heal the original trauma, thereby relieving the symptoms being experienced in the current life and times.


For example a colleague of mine had suffered from unexplained chronic shoulder pain for a very long time and during regression we discovered that in a previous life his death had been caused by a massive shoulder injury.  This was the pain he had been experiencing as a result of the cellular memory being triggered and we were able to resolve this by healing the original trauma during regression.  Healing at this deep level is extremely powerful and can have far reaching effects.



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