Past Life Regression

Age Regression and Past Life Regression are both useful tools for finding answers to current life issues such as unexplained pain, emotional issues, phobias, irrational fears and other issues which appear to have no rational, explainable cause.  Using hypnosis to establish a pleasant state of deep relaxation we can access memories buried deep within the subconscious which are otherwise beyond reach.  Once the root cause of the problem is revealed we can take steps to resolve it and bring about healing at a very deep level.


The other reason people choose to experience Past Life Regression is simple curiosity, a desire to know what past lives they have had.  Even this, however, is extremely empowering because it offers an insight into the events of the past which contribute to who you are today and will often prove to be extremely enlightening.

Life Between Lives Regression

A Life Between Lives Regression requires a far deeper level of relaxation and is often requested by those who are aware of their spiritual journey but seek further information or guidance about their life purpose, their soul purpose or the lessons they need to learn in this life.  This regression looks at the time in between passing from one life and reincarnating into the next life and involves what appear to be soul memories.  People often report witnessing the life review, where the soul encounters a panoramic view of the life it has just left to achieve greater understanding; the judgement board, which is less about judgement and more about receiving assistance in evaluating the past life; and the planning of the next life, which is a complex process looking at the purpose of the coming life, the experiences the soul might choose and the lessons the soul hopes to learn.   These between life events are all done with love, compassion and the participation and freewill of the soul involved.


This window into your soul's journey can bring healing, clarity and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to your present day life, illuminating the path ahead or giving direction and purpose to the future.

Future Life Progression

The future is not carved in stone it is fluid and changes constantly because of the choices and decisions we make as we go through our lives.  So a future life progression is not about seeing the future so you can prepare for it, its about looking at what your future might look like based on the circumstance of your life today and deciding whether that potential future is all you'd like it to be or whether you would choose to make changes to your current life in order to experience a different outcome in the future.   We need to bear in mind here, however, that the future does not only result from current circumstances, but also choices, decisions and events of the past, so there may well be healing required in the past before future change can be achieved.


Once healing and change have been achieved we can then look again at the potential for the future to see whether the new set of current circumstances will result in the future you would choose for yourself.



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