Common Questions About Regression

November 23, 2015


















Many people delay seeking help from a past life therapist because of unasked questions or fear of the unknown.  Today I'd like to answer some of those frequently asked questions:-



'I'm worried that I will have no control during my regression and may do something or say something that I don't want to'.


This is a common misunderstanding and I can guarantee that this will not happen.  Technically, all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis.  By this I mean that the therapist merely creates the conditions necessary for you to get yourself into a deeply relaxed state and you are in complete control of yourself and your experience at all times.  If at any time you wanted to stop the process then it is entirely within your control to do so (although I have yet to come accross anyone who felt this way).


'What if I don't experience anything or don't see a past life?


As with many things in life, there are no guarantees about what you may or may not experience during a regression.  The more you want to experience something the more your conscious mind focusses on that and prevents the relaxation which will allow the subconscious mind to step forward.  If you approach the session with no expectations you will find it easier to relax into the process.  Some people, however, find it more difficult to relax than others and may require a longer or deeper hypnosis process or even a second visit.


Having said that, the human mind is an incredibly complex and powerful thing.  Sometimes it will block or prevent hypnosis as a form of protection or self preservation for a very good reason.  So on occasion the wisest thing to do is to accept that situation and let sleeping dogs lie, as it were.


'What if I the experience is too much for me or I want to stop the process?'


The prime directive of the conscious mind is to preserve and protect the body.  This can be seen in humans when the mind simply denies the existence of a painful event or represses memories that might otherwise destabilise them.  In this way the mind serves to protect you from harm or danger.  And, as already mentioned, you are in complete control during the whole process and can 'leave' any memories that you don't feel comfortable accessing.  


'Will I remember everything I see?'


Everyone experiences regression differently.  Some people remember every single detail of their experience whilst others remember some of it initially and find that in the days following their regression they remember more and more.  I always give my clients a recording of their regression so they can listen to it again later and this also will prompt memories to return.




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