Past Lives and Cellular Memory

November 23, 2015

 Modern science teaches us that our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies, for our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state.  Our cells remember all of who we have been in past lives and all that has been in this life too.  As we change, grow and experience new things our cells constantly update our personal data and they retain all the information of all life experiences.


So how can cellular memory affect us?  Well...The subtle energy fields of the body remember the pattern of unresolved conflict and this pattern is often the underlying cause of unhappiness and physical pain in someones life.  The most commonly experienced affect is when we sometimes get a feeling of deja vue, that feeling of emotional recognition which makes us think we've been somewhere before or experienced something before, even when we know with complete certainty that we haven't.


Many people,however, experience unexplained physical pain or symptoms of ill health which mainstream medicine can find no reason for.  Some, otherwise perfectly healthy and 'normal' people experience inexplicable emotional symptoms and are baffled as to their origin.  Some people have been found to have birthmarks at the site of a physical injury experienced in a past life.  


Another example of how cellular memory can affect us is when we sometimes experience recurring dreams, which can be very powerful and vivid, when we experience the emotions contained in the dream in a very real and physical way.  These memories, which could never surface during the day because our conscious minds are too powerful to allow them access, can surface in our dreams because our conscious mind is relaxed and allows the subconscious mind to come to the fore.  The 'dream' can seem so real and powerful that the memories and emotions we felt in the night can spill over into our waking life.


So what can we do about it?  Well...Cellular memory is so deeply embedded that we cannot heal it or access it using our conscious minds.  Only when we are relaxed enough to allow our subconscious mind to show itself can we access these memories to find the root cause of the problem.   It is not uncommon for an issue experienced in an earlier life to have an impact in more than one subsequent life, sometimes being experienced, in some way, again and again throughout subsequent lives.  Once the original source of the issue has been found under hypnosis, however, then healing modalities can be used to resolve it.




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