Early Emotional Experiences Create Lifelong Emotional Responses

June 16, 2017

Have you ever found yourself responding emotionally to a situation or event in your life in a certain way and wondered why you felt like that?


Every single one of us has been impacted, to a greater or lesser extent, by an event in our childhood which has shaped our future reactions to situations and/or events which occur throughout our lives.  This event was our first experience in this life of ‘un-love’ or ‘non-love’.  An experience which is usually very early in our childhood, very often so early that we don’t even remember it and if we did remember it we would certainly have no understanding of the enormity of its impact upon our future lives.  It can be something as small and seemingly inconsequential as the first time a parent displayed anger towards us, when, as an infant it might have felt like their love was conditional upon us being ‘good’, but because we had been ‘bad’ we might have felt unloved for that brief moment in time.  This early and brief experience of ‘un-love’ can leave us with an emotional template of fear, guilt, shame, or insecurity which we continue to use as a guide to our responses in emotional situations again and again throughout our lives .


During regression we can go back in time in our subconscious memories to discover our own first experience of un-love in this life and the impact it had on us at that time.  Simply finding this event and exposing it can be extremely cathartic but by also using healing modalities at the point of origin, or source of initial hurt, we can bring significant emotional relief for our current day self and a greater understanding of who we are and why we are the way we are.



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