How can Regression therapy help me?

November 27, 2017


Past Life Regression can be helpful in aiding our understanding of what brings us to this place and time in our soul’s evolution, why we are here now and where we have been before,in this way we can learn more and gain greater insight and understanding about ourselves.


Past Life Regression can help us discover who we have been before, any Karmic issues, emotional or physical issues, any emotional contracts or residual energy from past lives which might be affecting us today.  Uncovering these things can be extremely cathartic in and of itself but we can go even further to resolve these issues by using healing modalities at the point of origin or source of dis-ease so that it no longer impacts upon our current lives.


We don’t even have to go as far back as past lives to be able to achieve significant levels of emotional healing. 


Every single one of us has been impacted by our first experience in this life of ‘un-love’ or ‘non-love’.  This experience is usually very early in our childhood, very often so early that we don’t even remember it and if we did we would certainly have no understanding the enormity of its impact upon our future lives.  It can be something as simple as the first time a parent displayed anger towards you, to infant it might feel like their love was conditional upon you being ‘good’ but because you had been ‘bad’ you might feel unloved for that brief moment in time.  This brief experience of ‘un-love’ can leave us with an emotional template of fear, guilt, shame, or insecurity which we use in emotional situations again and again throughout our lives.


Once again, simply finding this event and exposing it can be extremely cathartic but by also using healing modalities at the point of origin, or source of initial hurt, we can bring significant emotional relief and a greater understanding of who we are and why we are the way we are.


Both of these therapies can be extremely powerful as healing processes and will often bring significant emotional release with them.


For those who are already aware of their spiritual journey who seek a greater understanding of the life purpose or soul purpose in this life we can use Life Between Lives regression.  Here we go back to the time after we have left our last previous incarnation and before we came into this body, that special time when we are in between lives, to remember why we chose to come into this life at this time and what our soul aims to experience, learn or grow from whilst here.


Or, for anyone finding themselves at a time of uncertainty in life, maybe a crossroads or time where choices or changes may need to be made, we can use Future Life Progression.  This enables us to take a glimpse into your future and see how it might like if you continue on your current path.  This enables you to make changes in your life now in order to avoid unwanted outcomes in the future.


All of these tools are about helping people to find clarity, understanding and healing and I see myself, not as the healer in this relationship, but as the facilitator providing the tools so you can heal yourself, as nature intended.

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