What Will Happen To Me?

October 9, 2018

Many people would like to book a regression session but shy away from it because they don't really know what it entails and they worry about how they will behave when hypnotised.


So today I am going to describe the process in the hope of allaying those fears.


When you arrive at my practice the first thing we do is to have a conversation about what brings you here, what your thoughts and feelings are about being here, what you would like to get from the experience and perhaps where you are spiritually at this time. We also talk about the process itself and how you might feel or what you might experience so that you will feel relaxed and comfortable before confirming that you are ready to proceed.


You'll be sitting in a lovely large, comfortable reclining chair with your feet up on a footstool and I'll ask you to make yourself really comfortable and begin to relax.  l will begin to talk you through a guided relaxation, which is simply an imaginary visual journey along a beautiful garden path, and which will very slowly relax the body and the conscious mind.  The aim is for the conscious mind to be so relaxed that it is happy to take a step back and allow the subconscious mind to come forwards.   










You will always be fully aware and in control of what is going on.  You will hear my voice, sounds from in and around the room or from outside, but you are so beautifully relaxed that you will not feel disturbed in any way by it.  And we build into the hypnosis a 'safe place'  so if  you feel uncomfortable about any part of your experience you can take yourself back to the 'safe place' at any time in the process without the need for my instruction or guidance.  Although, in all my time as a hypnotherapist, no one has ever felt the need to do this!


We allow the subconscious mind to take us to the memories or past life which you need to see and these are normally memories that may be impacting on or relevant to your current life.  You might experience the memories as you would a dream or recall of an earlier event in your life and are able to describe to me everything you are experiencing. 


Sometimes the experiences can be emotional and may require the use of healing modalities before we move on.  We might look at all the significant events in that life, as selected by the subconscious mind, before leaving them behind and returning to full consciousness again.


When you are fully present and aware again we spend some time talking about what you have experienced.  How it felt for you, how you feel afterwards and whether you have any questions.  At this stage you will be feeling very pleasantly relaxed and ready to go home.


I record the whole process and send you a copy either by email or on a memory stick, whichever is your preference, so that you can listen to your memories again in the comfort of your own home later on.  And I am always available to my clients if, at any time afterwards, they have other questions to ask or thoughts to discuss.


A regression can be very many things....interesting, exciting, uplifting, enlightening, challenging among other things, but it can bring such understanding to your current life about who you are today and why you are the person you are.




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