What Happens During a Regression?

On the day of your regression session you should allow around 2 hours for the process and this will include a period of consultation at the start, when we will discuss your reasons for coming, any healing requirements and what you would like to achieve in this session.  There will also be time at the end to discuss what you have experienced  and answer any questions you may have.


You will be invited to relax in a comfortable chair with your feet raised and simply begin to listen to my voice.  I will take you through a relaxation process using hypnotherapy techniques until you are very deeply relaxed and we will then begin to access the past life, life between lives or future life we will be looking at.

You will remain aware and able to speak at all times.  I will guide you gently towards the area of interest or the source/ sources of your particular issue/issues.  Throughout this process you will be able to tell me what you are experiencing so that I can guide you through whichever healing modality is the most appropriate for your particular circumstances.


The entire past life/ life between lives/ future life session will be recorded for your benefit and you will receive a copy of that recording within a day or two so that you can listen to it at home. Over the course of the next few days you may well find that you experience spontaneous memory recall from your regression and listening to your recording may also prompt more  memories to return.  This is perfectly normal and will help in giving you greater clarity and understanding.




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