What is Regression


You meet someone for the first time and feel as if you've known them all your life.  You're somewhere that you've never been before, yet you recognize the scenery, streets, buildings. You start a new activity and amaze everyone, including yourself, at your natural abilities and intuitive understanding of it.  We often describe such experiences as deja vu, the experience or feeling of having been here before.

Past Life Regression is a technique which uses hypnosis to guide someone into a deeply relaxed state where they are able to access memories which have been buried deep within the subconscious.  For every single one of us there is an abundance of memories held deep within the subconscious which cannot be accessed by the logical, conscious waking mind.  These can include memories from this lifetime, childhood, memories from within the womb, memories from a past life or memories from a time in between lives.


In gaining access to these memories you can gain incredible insights into the experiences of the past which are still currently affecting your life today.  These can manifest in a variety of different ways such as anxieties, fears, anger, depression, unexplained physical pain, chronic illnesses, emotional blocks  or self limiting beliefs. Many people come for regression purely out of curiosity and simply want to see what their past looks like, however, for many people it is about finding answers to issues, the origins of which can't be accessed in any other way, and healing them so that they no longer have an impact.


The experience is very often a multi-sensory one where you will be aware of the process at all times and may see, hear, smell, feel, taste or simply just 'sense' the events unfolding in your memory and will be able to explain what is happening and answer questions as things occur.  Once the source of the problem has been located healing modalities can be used to reconcile the memory thereby resolving the current life issue



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